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HP Z3700 Black Wireless Mouse

Designed with flairWireless convenienceBattery life that lastsReady for anythingHighly accurate

HP Days deal!

HP 235 Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Combo

Stylish design with comfort in mindComfort meets durabilityFree yourself from the wiresPeace-of-mind coverage

HP 225 Wired Mouse and Keyboard Combo

Designed for ComfortPlug and Play ConnectivityResponsibly Made

HP 125 Wired Keyboard

Designed for ComfortPlug and Play ConnectivityResponsibly MadeEasy Cleaning

HP Wireless Premium Mouse

Enhance your productivityBuilt-in comfortSmart, efficient battery.Wireless connectivityRest easy

HP 128 Laser Wired Mouse

Designed for ComfortPlug and Play ConnectivityResponsibly MadeEasy Cleaning

HP 975 Dual-Mode Wireless Keyboard for business

Connectivity and Versatility Smart Features. Better Typing Experience.Long-Lasting Rechargeable BatteryCustomize for ControlResponsibly Made

HP USB Premium Keyboard

Pretty and pretty smartMulti-OS compatibilityUSB connectivityWorld-class support

HP 935 Creator Wireless Mouse for business

Made for customizationConnect to multiple devicesConnect across devicesCreate comfortably12 weeks of battery life

USB Travel Mouse

Easy to use.Multi-OS compatibility.Pack and go.Award-winning support.

HP 325 Chrome Bluetooth Keyboard

Shortcuts at your fingertipsLong Lasting BatteryWorks wherever you doNo Wires. More Freedom.

HP Business Slim Smartcard Keyboard

Bold redesignSmart securityQuiet and durableUSB connectivityWorld-class support

HP Wireless Premium Keyboard

Pretty and pretty smartLink-5 connectivityStay chargedWorld-class support

HP Business Slim Smartcard Keyboard

Bold redesignSmart securityQuiet and durableUSB connectivityWorld-class support

HP Bluetooth Travel Mouse

Slide across practically any surfaceSwitch devices, not your mouseCustomize your experienceLong battery lifePack light

HP Pro Pen G1

Clickable functions for easy onscreen interactionLong battery life keeps you productive over 11 monthsA natural, comfortable writing experienceClose at hand when you need it

HP Slim Rechargeable Pen Charger

Charging the HP Slim Rechargeable Pen[1] with HP's USB wired charger is quick and easy. Simply place the pen inside the charger and it automatically aligns to the pogo-pins for charging. It even works in different directions. Plus, with a front opening, you can easily remove your pen and charge another.

HP USI Garaged Pen

Create Without the WaitErase with EaseLike Pen to Paper, Only SmarterEasy to Store. Hard to Lose.

HP 635 Multi-Device Wireless Mouse

Connects with 3 devicesMade for customizationRoad ready, compact designPower and performance

HP Wireless Rechargeable 950MK Mouse and Keyboard

Enhance your productivity in styleFree up ports with single dongle solutionRechargeable solution keeps you ready at a moment’s noticeRest easySafe to clean

HP Rechargeable Active Pen G3

Take the pressure off digital inkingNever miss a note with a rechargeable batteryQuickly launch apps and shortcutsEasy to useWorld-class support

HP 435 Multi-Device Wireless Mouse for business

Connect Across Multiple DevicesTotally CustomizableResponsibly Made2 Years, 1 Battery

HP Rechargeable USI Active Pen

Wireless ChargingOne Pen. Multiple Devices.Easy & Accurate